About Us

We are a small thriving company and have been in business in the computer industry for more than 30 years. We are located in the London area and most of our clients are located in south east England, although we often work for clients all over the world. We provide consulting services, custom hardware and systems support for small to mid-sized businesses. Our clients typically either have a small or no in-house IT or engineering staff. If they have staff, then we can provide specialist services or concentrate on particular projects that it is hard to get done with in-house resources and if not then we act as a part-time on-call IT department providing system support and carrying out the variety of tasks needed to run a successful computer operation in the company.
Our work is client-centred, rather than product line centred; each client has distinct needs particular to their business operations, environment, staffing and objectives. We work with our clients in whatever way is mutually determined to be most effective in supporting their business plans. Typical projects are usually in the 40-400 man-hour range but we have undertaken some much smaller projects and have some clients for whom we have provided thousands of man-hours service over the years. Often we will get called, initially, for some sort of instant fix or clean-up project e.g. a critical business system is not performing as it should or a server has failed. During the course of our work we become familiar with the client's business priorities and operations and build a good long-term working relationship. The client can then call on us whenever there is a need for follow-up services or a new project.
Much of our work is centred around Microsoft Windows Server and Windows desktop operating systems, although we also have experience with Linux based systems. We also undertake the design of custom microprocessor projects that range from the control of industrial machinery to bespoke computer and communication systems.
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